Personalhuset HRC Offshore

Personalhuset HRC Offshore is a segment in Personalhuset Staffing Group within the maritime and offshore industry. Since 2002 HRC Offshore has been the leading external supplier of maritime and offshore manpower to the Norwegian offshore fleet. HRC supplies both Norwegian and foreign crew to advanced offshore vessels and rigs, operating all over the world.

Recruiting the right people will decide whether a business succeeds or not. The current labour market presents us with new challenges every day. Creativity and developing our services in close collaboration with our customers are vital to our success. 

Our strength is our knowledge of the labour market, our in-depth knowledge of the maritime and offshore business, our unique network, our accurate website and our unique knowledge of the industry. We base what we do on your actual needs and we set in motion a process that involves all parties in an inspirational way. HRC works to strict ethical rules towards both employer and candidate, as well as being an enthusiastic team player for our customers.

Personalhuset HRC Offshore wants to be a step on the path to your success!


Crewing Solutions

There are many situations where it is more practical to hire external personnel than to employ your own. Many companies choose to take on temporary replacements when employees leave. If manpower requirements are uncertain over a given period, then flexibility is appropriate. We often find that the people we place temporarily go on to become permanent employees - which tells us that the candidates are of the highest quality.

Search & Selection

Selecting the right team is an important part of achieving an efficient and profitable business and maintaining a good working environment. The recruitment of personnel is therefore a vital function of a company. The company together with the best personnel resources will always have a competitive edge. Personalhuset HRC Offshore's most important job is to secure this edge for your business. We ensure you the best selection!

Crew Management

The crew is, in our opinion, the most important aspect of ship management. The quality of the people on board is what makes ship management outstanding rather than merely average. As crew managers, we will perform all management functions related to crewing, and ensure that the vessels are manned with qualified, skilled and well-trained officers and ratings, in accordance with the owner’s wishes and requirements.

Some of our offshore & maritim clients