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Personalhuset HRC Offshore

HRC Offshore is a segment in Personalhuset within the maritime and offshore industry.

Since 2002 HRC Offshore has been the leading external supplier of maritime and offshore manpower to the Norwegian offshore fleet. HRC supplies both Norwegian and foreign crew to advanced offshore vessels and rigs, operating all over the world. Recruiting the right people will decide whether a business succeeds or not. The current labour market presents us with new challenges every day. Creativity and developing our services in close collaboration with our customers are vital to our success. 




Our strength is our knowledge of the labour market, our in-depth knowledge of the maritime and offshore business, our unique network and knowledge of the industry. HRC works to strict ethical rules towards both employer and candidate, as well as being an enthusiastic team player for our customers.


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"We have had full confidence to Personalhuset HRC Offshore throughout the process and the cooperation has worked very well between the crew department in Viking Supply Ships and the 2 dedicated people we had in Personalhuset HRC Offshore, sometimes we almost felt we were colleagues."

Viking Supply Ships AS

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