Personalhuset HRC dives into the subsea market

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After years of substantial growth, Personalhuset HRC is now expanding its services into the subsea market. A logical next step for the company, says HRC Offshore manager, Sondre Sande.

Investing in subsea

Since 2002, Personalhuset HRC has been the leading supplier of personnel to the maritime and offshore industry. With the addition of the subsea market, the company now dives deeper into the offshore segment. According to Sondre, this investment is an important measure to maintain HRC's growth:

- With this expansion, HRC joins a market segment we're very familiar with. We can now offer a wide range of personnel within the entire subsea segment, from the pilots who operate ROVs on the seabed, to the offshore managers who oversee the project on a day-to-day basis. We are truly excited to expand our business to a market with an incredible potential.

Two new additions to the HRC team
To succeed with this thrilling initiative, HRC has hired two new assets, both with an extensive background from the subsea segment: Frank Juven Widme and Geir Olav Hauge. Frank has almost 20 years of experience from ROV operations, and has for the past 12 years worked as a ROV supervisor in Argus Remote Asystems AS and Swire Seabed. Geir Olav has 15 years of experience in the industry, including as an ROV supervisor and offshore manager.

When explaining what attracted him to the company, Geir Olav emphasizes HRC's solid structure and growth potential.

- HRC is a respected name within the industry and is widely known for its high-quality services. I'm excited to join HRC on their journey and I'm looking to developing the company within a segment I know first-hand.

For Frank, it was the company's unique position within the industry as well as its highly skilled staff that persuaded him to join HRC.

- I want to contribute with my expertise and connections from my time in the offshore and subsea segment. I really look forward to working in this field and getting to know both my staff and customers better. I know many of my new colleagues well from my time in Swire. Together I am sure we can lift HRC Offshore to even greater heights!

(Geir Olav Hauge)

Cutting-edge expertise

For the past several years, HRC has wanted to expand its services into the subsea segment, but due to substantial growth in other markets, the company kept the project on ice. When proficient candidates like Frank and Geir Olav showed their interest however, the timing felt just right, Sondre explains. He believes that their complementary backgrounds and skills are what substantially strengthens HRC's competence and thus will make this expansion a success:

- Geir Olav has been on the customer side of HRC, so he knows our employees and have a first-hand experience of how we operate. Most importantly, both Frank and Geir Olav have international experience both within the onshore and offshore segment. With their combined skillsets, HRC now possess a cutting-edge expertise, both from a commercial offshore aspect as well from offshore project execution.

(Frank Juven Widme)

HRC can now offer a full range of services

With the addition of the subsea market, the company can now offer a full range of services, both within the maritime and the onshore and offshore segments. According to the HRC manager, the expansion fulfills a long-time customer need.

- For the past few years, we've have seen an increasing number of requests for subsea personnel. With this measure, we can now meet their demands. Going forward, it will be much easier for potential clients to choose just one exclusive supplier to deal with. With this investment, HRC are wherever our customers are, and in a position where we meet their needs immediately.

HRC's Subsea department will eventually be able to deliver personnel to all offshore projects including ROV, survey, inspection, shift supervisor, offshore manager, party chief, project engineers, client representative, and much more.





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Sondre Sande
Sondre Sande
HRC Offshore | Haugesund

Frank Juven Widme
Frank Juven Widme
Senior Advisor/Shift Supervisor
HRC Offshore | Bergen

Geir Olav Hauge

Geir Olav Hauge
Senior Advisor/Offshore Manager
HRC Offshore | Bergen